Re: Bayou Jumper, Still lots of fun!

Jess Gypin

I got mine out again recently. Gobs if fun. I added a solid state switch for a keyer. Had installed the Soup’r Upper and didn’t really like it. I guess I should sell it to someone who would be able to use it. Still my favorite QRP radio.

Jess AE0CW

On May 8, 2020, at 10:35 AM, Peter AA2VG <Petersdeluca@...> wrote:

My original Bayou Jumper is still going strong. In fact with the addition of some simple peripherals it works better than ever.
I have the basic model without the super upper kit. The only internal modification was the addition of a keyer transistor (TIP42G AFE30) so that I am able to use an external keyer. The other peripherals that made a huge difference were.
1. An old headset (Koss SB.10)  that is able to hear the very low audio frequency which keeps the null between my upper and lower side band very small.
2. Zero beating my crystal tx freq was always difficult as I would need to disconnect the antenna and put my crystal across the antenna port to hear the clicking sweet spot. One day I decided to use my old Whiterook keyer Model MK-60 on straight key mode with a straight key. To my amazement I could hear a loud signal with key down in the receive mode. This loud tone was exactly zero beating my TX frequency revealing both upper and lower side bands. No need to remove the antenna to find the RX dial spot (frequency).
3. The VFO is sensitive with small moves since I don't have the Super Upper fine dial VFO. I have found that if I hear a caller coming back to my CQ adjusting the Regen dial enables my to find a nice listening frequency with only rarely having to adjust the VFO.
4. I run on battery power to an MFJ portable tuner MFJ-971 to a Carolina Windom up 45 feet. 

If your BJ has been collecting dust, perhaps the above suggestions may help. I am still having a blast with mine.
Peter S. DeLuca  "Her Majesty's Secret Service" Agent 033

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