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I would love to build this kit - but I don't want to own one as I have A KX3 and it's sooooo nice.
If anyone wants one of the Cyclone 40's but doesn't feel comfortable with the build - contact me and I'll build it for free.
-Ed, WG5F-

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The Four State QRP Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Cyclone
40 Transceiver.

This innovative and simple transceiver by NMØS is an enhanced version of Dave's
QRP ARCI's 72 Part Challenge Design Contest entry in 2010. This is a complete
kit, including the enclosure. The price is a buck a part plus shipping, $104
total, for domestic sales. Purchasing info and more details are on the kit's
home page here Here are some of the design

. All through hole parts and easy assembly. NO SMD parts
. Less than 100 components
. Superhet receiver with very good sensitivity and selectivity
. "Perfect" QSK very high speed and absolutely seamless operation.
. VFO tunes the entire 125 kHZ CW segment of the 40M band at a comfortable
tuning rate.
. Transmitter output is nominally 4W. Those built so far are running ~ 4.6W
. Frequency readout is included so you know where you are at all times.
. A very attractive PCB enclosure is included. It's easy to assemble and looks
. All parts are included, jacks, knobs, enclosure, transformers, everything.
This is a complete kit, including a black enclosure with white silkscreened

We hope you enjoy this high performance transceiver.
I love this radio stuff !

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