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Opinions and suggestions are great but I have found that trying is best.... because each location is different for way too many reasons to cover here.  You may find that a Dipole works better ?

Build the endfed, should be less than $10 at QRP levels.  See how it works. If it doesn’t work out you already have the coax run to try something else.  I have many failures in my shed and it’s part of the hobby.

I use a 35ft EF and cover the U.S., Canada and more at both QRP and WSPR levels, from Florida.

To see how my antenna is performing I use WSPR....... yes it is a Digital Mode but what it tells me is that my 5w CW should be heard wherever WSPR reports hearing me at just a 200mw signal.  A 200mw signal is equal to about 4w CW.  The comparison between my Vertical and the EF is quite clear........ sometimes better or not, I use WSPR to help me to determine which antenna to use.

Using WSPR will tell you more about your system than just about anything else because it’s a real time result, not theory..... doesn’t depend on perfect CW for the RBN to decode.  

We are fortunate to now have tools (FREE) at our disposal that can give us real time answers to which antenna is best......... at this minute !



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Another suggestion is to view the June 1949 QST with several indoor antenna designs.


Charles, W2SH

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My Elmer,  has the same problem.  He has lived 25 years in this home.  Multiple antennas in his attic.  He does just fine.  The biggest thing is they are closer to the ground.  You should check the October, 2007 issue of QST. Article on a 48' end fed in the attic with a J-Pole.  There would be many variations on this one.

FYI:   If the metal foil is on the rafters or part of the roof sheathing, it will cause problems.  It is  a radiant barrier.  South of 34* N in CONUS they have some value for efficiency.  If it is just stretched out across the ceiling joists and insulation,  you can remove it.  That installation is just expensive snake oil.  My day job is a Home Energy Auditor.

73 KE0ZUW  John

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There is no metal above the attic of our conventional construction home. The roof is shingle over frame.   What's the effect if I put a ENDFEDZ  10.20.40 up there?  Covenants don't allow obvious outdoor types.

72, Doc K5OSA 

Charles Moizeau, W2SH

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