Hi-Per-Mite integration in a Ten-Tec Century 21

Wesley Matthews

Hello fellow hams and 4S QRP’ers...

I built a Hi-PerMite with the intention of inserting it, with a bypass switch, between the pre-amp board and the main audio amp board, in my Ten-Tec Century 21. I tried a Laserbeam my Sotabeamns, and a DSP filter by BHi but I didn’t care for the results. This is my question: which gain level should I configure the Hi-Per-Mite to exhibit? I already built it for 50db gain, but I have another, unbuilt, I could configure differently.

Alternatively, I see there is an adjustable gain option using a pot. The directions, and other threads mention using a pot, but the directions say ‘use a pot for R11 AND R12.’ How would I wire that using one pot? How many ohms should I select to keep the output of the board in the higher dB gain area?

I’m a tinkerer, not an engineer and need some help with that. 

Thanks in advance!


Happy Hamming.

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