Re: Attic?


I feel your pain, when I became a Ham, my Dad had 1 steadfast rule: No Outdoor Antennas!

Attic antennas work in conventional construction houses with no metal roof.
On 80/40 you don't see all that much loss, and in a 1 story ranch style, they are more than high enough.

My Uncles antennas were all inside the attic, the 40M dipole and the 220 discone. House was wood construction with standard asbestos shingles.
I had a resonant 40M wire dipole in my parents 30' ranch style, and ran a 1 tube home brew CW Xmiter that was rock bound.

The fun thing about wire dipoles in the attic are that you don't have to worry about the WX.
And if you want, instead of burying a wire for a low noise RX antenna, you can use the basement rafters to support a wire antenna there also.

When I moved out and did apartment living, I got a 5 band vertical that I would put on a 5ft section of RS antenna mast. I would pound in all but 1.5 ft and clamp the vertical to it.
Very inconspicuous. Moving antenna involved an old bumper jack and some rope.
, Ron WB9YZU

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