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Timothy East

So, the Q2 component has writing on one side but is flat on both sides. It’s not shaped like a Capital D. 
I installed it with the side with the writing on the flat side of the D. Like in the silk screening. 
Now that I know that is backwards, I removed the component with some difficulty. I managed to remove the pad on the bottom side of the board. I replaced the component turned around with the writing on the opposite direction with the writing facing the speaker side or the rounded side of the silkscreening “D” .  The center leg is soldered from the top and the two legs are soldered from the bottom. But I see no change in power when tuning it. 

In fact I’m afraid I might have had it right to begin with. But won’t now be able to change it back. 

Can some one help me with this?


On May 15, 2020, at 12:01, Timothy East <timothyeast@...> wrote:

 Sorry for this seemingly elementary question. But, as this component isn’t shaped exactly as others, I want to make sure I’ve installed it correctly. 

There is writing on one side of the component and no writing on the other. With the heat sinks on one side and the speaker on the other, which side is the writing side to be facing?  Towards the speaker or towards the heat sinks???? 



On May 15, 2020, at 10:24, Donald A. Kocsis <dkocsis@...> wrote:

Here is the data sheet on Q2.


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The Q2 silkscreen on the 75 and 75A is backward.  The rig will work with Q2 backward, but power output will be reduced.


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