Re: May Edition of the Ozark QRP Banner

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

Ditto Johnny! Thanks Keith! I am thoroughly enjoying this issue with all of the great Morse history and all of the different keys! I'm keeping a copy of this one for future reference and because my memory is so lousy from chemo meds I can wait a few months and it will be like reading it for the first time all over again. Ted McElroy amazes me because at his record speed of 75 wpm and using the P A R I S standard he would have been copying 6.25 characters per second! That's just crazy that he could get his brain to do that! The guy must have been a genius! I'm also amazed with Harry Turner doing 35 wpm with a straight key! I still struggle with 20 wpm copy and still miss a few characters. About to start The Thrill of CW article by Dale, K4EQ now. I love Morse code and history so this edition caters to both for me. Thanks for a most enjoyable and very well done newsletter! 

Very 72/73
Cliff, KU4GW
4SQRP # 536

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