Nouveau 75A Deaf

Rick Tilton WK4R <rtilton@...>

I hope this is the place to post this.  I have finished my Nouveau 75.  Went well except for Q2 which I had an issue with to say the lest. I have the newer board. I put it in backwards looking at the board and NOT the instructions at that point.  So they were kind enough to send me another one.  Difficulty in removing it but got another installed and I "THINK" it is working.

My NO75A transmits just fine.  Have plenty of audio, etc.  Output app. 6 wattts with peaks of 10-15 watts.  Audio sounds fine from what I can tell. 

Unfortunately it is deaf as a stump. It will hear a radio nearby barely. But it can't hear thunder.  Tuning the VFO and hear absolutely no changes.  Yes I have volume and noise. 

Suggestions of where to start or what I have done?  As everyone states I could have swore I put it together right! Hi.  I hope this is the appropriate place to ask questions or please guide me.

Rick WK4R

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