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Jack Hubbard

Hi Paul,
It was nice to work you yesterday.  559 was your report.
I have a suggestion for 2 more books for your lending library.

They Fought Alone by John Keats.  A story about Wendel Fertig, an American Army officer in the Phileipene Island.  When General Wainwright surrendered to the Japanese,Fertig took off and went into the hills of Mindanao.  He met other American military members and they started a guerrilla army and fought the Japanese.  Along the way he instructed a signal corps technician to build a transmitter so he could communicate with McArthur in Australia.  Instead they tried to break into a Navy net run by a Coast Station in San Frsncisco.  The operator in S.F. thought a Japanese station was trying to disrupt the net.  However the unfolding story is interesting.  Also later, when the Japanese were trying to D.F. the station, Fertig asked for an  operator who could send and receive faster than the 10 wpm that was presently being used.  They sent him doctor who was a ham and could run 30 wpm. 
 However, the Army operators in Australia, could only copy 10 wpm.  McArthur in his ivory palace said, "That is good enough."    So radio is a small part of this novel. Wikipedia's page on Wendel Fertig describes why McAurther did this.

Another is Kon Tiki, by Thor Heyerdahl.  This 3,000 mile trip from Peru across the Pacific, in a homemade balsa raft, in 1947 or 1948.  One member of the crew was a ham.  They kept schedules with American hams, who relayed their messages.  The operator had a NC-188 receiver and a 6 watt oscillator.  Their pet parrot almost destroyed their aerial, and that is a great story.  The operator, Knut Haugland, is a true hero. They made a documentary film about the expedition using movies that took on the trip.  I got the movie through our local library lending system, and it's great.  Please read about the Kon Tiki expedition and Dnut Haugland in Wikipedia.

I attended a ham radio club in Mansfield OH in 1950,when I was 12 years old, and there was still talk about that expedition.  I think they used 20 meters.

If you think these books would be an asset to your library, I'll gladly send them to you.

Jack, NI8N

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 5:01 PM w0rw <w0rw1@...> wrote:
If your library is closed, you can still order books from the 'W0RW Lending Library'.
 i use the 'TinyCat', (That is short for Tiny CATalog).  
Go to:
W0RW Lending Library. This is a Free Lending Library. If you have never ordered books before then you have to send me an email so I can approve your name and address, (Send email to w0rw1@...).
  where you can see all the books in the Library
   If you have never requested books before then you have to send me an email so I can approve your name and address, (Send email to  w0rw1@...).
   After you get approved you can double click on a book from the scrolling banner or add a key word in the search block to find one (like Spy or ARRL).
   If you want that book, and it shows as 'Available', Click "Check Out" button, then type in the password 'paraset'. Then select your name to check it out.
That's it. I will pack it up and mail it to you.

Some Rules:

It is all free but there are rules to keep everything moving.

Only 2 books at a time maybe ordered out at a time.

Return books after 1 month.  You only pay return postage.

Return books via USPS “Media Rate”. If you know the Media Rates, ($2.66 < 1 LB, $3.17 < 2 LBs, $3.68 < 3 LBs, $4.19 < 4 LBs) you can put a few stamps on them and drop them in any box, no need to stand in a antisocial line at the Post Office.

I can only ship to USA addresses.

Use the 'TinyCat' Web page to request books. 

i don't need to know when you received the book(s) or when you sent them off.


Procedure: I send the books to you, You read and return the book(s) to me. 

Paul  Signorelli   w0rw

905 Zodiac Dr.

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