Re: problem with my 4SQRP Ozark Patrol Radio

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Thanks Jerome!


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Hi Herb,

Try melting and re-flowing the solder on each of the solder pads, one lead at a time for each component, then recheck your voltages. Before doing this to the torroid coil windings, measure their resistances first with an ohm meter. You might have a cold solder joint on one or more of these coil wires, due to the fact that there is transparent enamel insulation around these wires. You undoubtedly carefully scraped off this enamel insulation, but it could be deceptive. It is possible that solder flowed around, but did not stick properly to the wires. I had this happen and had to re-solder mine as such. Visual examination did not reveal the problem, so I carefully tinned the wires and when this appeared ok, I re-soldered the coil back on to the board. This time I had success, and my set worked.

Keep us up to date on your attempts to get your receiver going. Hope you get yours up and running soon.


Jerry Wysocki, KC9JXE

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