Re: problem with my 4SQRP Ozark Patrol Radio

Herb Parsons <radioherb@...>


I get nothing from the speaker except slight noise as you turn the volume control up and down. If I touch my fingers from Q1 collector to Q3 collector, I get a loud squeal from the speaker. I double checked all parts placement and polarities. I've replaced all the transistors. I checked all the voltages listed and all were OK except the voltages on the collector of Q1 is 7.8 volts and the base reads 0 volts. I even removed L1 and reversed it. I would love to get this radio to work. I have made quite few tube regens, but this my first transistor regen set. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should go from here? Thanks so much for anything you might suggest.
Herb Parsons

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Any progress getting the radio to function?

Curt KB5JO

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