Re: problem with my 4SQRP Ozark Patrol Radio


Just for info, my radio (which works) has following readings

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 09:59 AM, n5ib_2 wrote:
1) battery voltage, at the battery +terminal, or at the top of R1 = 8.6VDC

2) voltage at the junction of R1 and R2, or at the + lead of C3 = 7.9

3) voltage at the top of the regen pot, or + terminal of C13 = 7.85

4) voltage at the junction of R3 and the regen pot (other end of the pot) = 3.64
... also check that this voltage decreases as you swing the regen pot through its range towards full clockwise
... then put the pot back to full counterclockwise for the rest of these checks

5) voltage at the R3 / R10 junction, or the base of Q1 = 0.53
Curt KB5JO

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