Re: Question About The 4 States Antenna Tuner

Jim, N5IB

Hi Dave,

I looks like something is working as it should... but the trouble with that test is you're still testing two things at once - the bridge part and the tuner part. You need to isolate the functions to home in on the problem.

Since you have a Nano VNA, set it at some fixed frequency, say 7050 kHz, and connect it to the tuner. Set the bridge to OUT, and connect the dummy load in place of the antenna. Adjust the L/Cs to attempt to find a 1:1 match as indicated on the Nano.

If you can make a match close to 1:1, then leave the L and C settings right where they are, disconnect the Nano and connect up your transmitter, set to the same frequency, still with the dummy load in place, but with the bridge now IN. When you key the transmitter it should see the match that you found, and the LEDs should confirm it - REV off or very dim, FWD on and bright. If that's not the case then something is amiss in the bridge part. It's possible you might need very slight adjustments to perfect the match, but only very slight.

Jim, N5IB

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