W0RW@Ice Station Zebra, on 14061, 10 June, 1700Z


Advanced  Notice...   W0RW ...

I will be operating from Ice Station Zebra, <http://tinyurl.com/zgss4yu>.

There is an inch of snow there now.

Date:    10 June, 2020.
Freq:   14061 kHz +/- 1.

Time:  1700z, (1pm EDT ).


I will be using my   PRC319 "Lite", 

It looks like a real PRC319 but It has a  '1 Watter'  inside,

 all sealed in a water tight, goat proof case.


 You can see the story of this rig in the

NAQCC June Newsletter newsletter article, p.8 :

You can read more about Pedestrian Mobile operations in

CQ Magazine, Sept. 2018.


Paul w0rw

@ Ice Station Zebra, Colorado


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