Re: Question About The 4 States Antenna Tuner

David Wilcox

Don’t forget the screen door of your slider out to the deck.  Make sure the screen is metal, but then again the metal frame itself will work fine too.  You get a higher score if the slider looks out on a golf course.

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

On Jun 12, 2020, at 4:55 PM, Frank Perkins <N6CES.r@...> wrote:

Hi Dave, good thinking on the rain gutter antenna. Have scraped off a little paint and clipped to a downspout on one in the past.
After all, anything metal is an antenna.
An old couch spring could become a circular polerised yagi for 3 GigaHertz!!
Frank N6CES

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020, 1:14 PM Dave W0DCX <cwqrp73@...> wrote:
Thank you, Jeff, for that link.  I think I have become spoiled with the marvelous internal tuner in my KX2 that will tune just about anything including the proverbial rain gutter.

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