Re: DMR - A quick quesion

Mike, N0SO

Hi Wayne,

You will need a DMR capable rig and access to a either a DMR repeater or a personal “hotspot”.

A hotspot is a very simple simplex access point usually consisting of a rRaspberry Pi equipped with an RF Digital Voice “hat” such as a DVMega or MMDVM. The hotspot will need Internet access, wifi or Ethernet,  to link your digital voice stream coming from the rIg as RF to the 4SQRP DMR Talk Group.

I have a DMR HT - an Anytone AT-D878UV.  I usually connect to the the 4SQRP Talk Group through my Raspberry Pi DMR “hotspot”.  I also Have used the AT-878 to go through a local DMR repeater to access the Talk Group . If you don’t have a repeater nearby, then you will need a “hoptspot”.

BridgeCom Systems has a variety of videos that will help you get started. They also sell DMR Rigs and hotspots, and even offer some “plug-n-play” kits that they will setup for you, but those are expensive. HRO also sells the rigs and more “do it yourself” hotspot kits.

Hope this helps get you started!

73 de Mike, N0SO

On Jun 16, 2020, at 8:29 AM, Wayne Dillon <wayne.dillon@...> wrote:

Good morning all,
What are you all using to get on the Wednesday DMR net? I'm looking to maybe join in but have no clue as to what to use. Help please.
72/3 de Wayne - NQ0RP

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