Re: Bayou Jumper

Jess Gypin

It was intended to mimick the Paraset

On Jun 21, 2020, at 10:44 AM, John Nicholas <stnick@...> wrote:

Bob,  That works.   There has been one floating around locally, for $125.  I was wondering about the difference between the kit price and this one.   It is in a nice wooden case!  Reminds me of some that OSS put out disguised for their teams behind the German Lines during WWII.  Nice touch for 40 meters 

de KEoZUW  John

On Jun 21, 2020, at 10:28 AM, Bob Parr <parr@...> wrote:

I want to say it was around $50 if you meant the radio.  if you mean the boxes the readio was designed to fit, I don't remember.

>> On Jun 19, 2020, at 8:58 PM, Bob Parr <parr@...> wrote:
>> Oooohh,  NOW you are talking!!!  I would buy a big box to fit two
>> or three bands in it!
>> Bob
>> KG5GT
>> What did the original sell for as a kit?  de KEoZUW

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