w0rw @Ice Station Zebra, 22 June , 1600z, 14061 kHz


I will be operating from Ice Station Zebra today, <http://tinyurl.com/zgss4yu>.

Date:  22 June 2020.
Freq:   14061 kHz +/- 1.

Time:  1600z - 1630z, (1200 EDT).

    This is a maintenance day but i will be taking a do-nut break at 1600z.

Working here at 8500 feet is like being in a National Park, lots of clear skies, 

pine trees and meadow larks around. In fact there is a National Monument, 

 https://www.nps.gov/flfo/index.htm, just down the road.

   I will be using my   PRC319 "Lite" with it's new Hi-Per-Lite audio filter.

i had to change the 1 Watter side tones to 714 Hz to get through the filter.

(Thanks to N0UTJ for shipping the filter and NM0S for the design.

'NM0S' might look like an obscure call sign to you but NMOS was a 

popular high density IC fabrication process in the 80's).

   It looks like a real PRC319 but it has a  '1 Watter'  inside


driving a Pacific Antenna  10W amplifier  <http://www.qrpkits.com/10wamp.html> .

    It also has a QRPguys Digital Frequency counter in the display window


   This whole rig is made up of Kits, (Thanks Kit Makers),

 all sealed up in a water tight, goat proof case.

   You can see photos of the 'PRC319 Lite' in the NAQCC Newsletter:

http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf  or in CQ Magazine, June 2017.

   It  weighs about 7 pounds with a 7S - 26650 LiIon battery pack,

barely enough weight to keep a whip vertical.


Paul w0rw


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