Re: Field Day Operation remotely as a group

J.K. Wright

Better ck ARRL guidance on name. I believe it specifically states not to use acronyms.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020, 12:09 PM Ed Meyer, WG5F <wg5f@...> wrote:

I'll probably be operating Field Day this year. 
It'll be a pretty limited effort from our place near the Lake (near Pryor OK).
My sons (both hams) are both in town and we may go multi op...  may not.
Since the 2020 rules allows for "Club" scores from multiple sites... would anyone else like to use the club-name "4SQRP" in their summary report to ARRL to combine scores for the Four State group?
I don't see that there's any limitation on how distant/close the individual stations have to be to use the individual/combo-group scoring.
If you haven't been aware, the ARRL is also allowing "points" to-from class "D" (home stations using commercial power) for 2020.
So no real requirement to go full blown emergency style operation this year.
I'll probably still go with battery power/solar/QRP.
I'm just not sure if i'll set up an emergency antenna or use the loop that's already in the trees.
In any case, i hope you'll get on for at least a little while and participate in the event.
If can satisfy many modes of operation and needs for states worked, or testing out antennas, etc.
No need to view this as a contest unless you have all those competitive juices flowing.
"IF" we decide "we'd" like to use the combo scoring for our club - all entries must use the same EXACT club name in their individual summary submission.
You still use your own call - and you get a regular individual score as well as contribute to the Club score.
I'd suggest "4SQRP" as the "exact" name.
-Ed, WG5F-

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