Re: The mysteries of tuning a random wire

John Nicholas

As a new Ham,  got my Tech and General Ticket Mar 14,  this has been one of the best things to read and re read that I have seen since I started studying for the exams in January.  I felt it impacted more then just tuning a random wire.

Thanks,  getting in an article form, even cleaned up email exchange would be great.

de KEoZUW John

On Jun 22, 2020, at 3:35 PM, Mike Malone <kd5kxf@...> wrote:

To all of the participants in this thread, first... thank you!  Great information.  Now second, can I print this in the QRP Quarterly?  I would need you all to give me an okay to do so.  I would edit it into an article and credit you all with it and probably present it as the thread it is.  I found it fascinating and informative, after all... we are all stuck at home and have wire and tuners.  This is timely for those with time on their hands.

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