Re: Field Day Reports

Woody Hester

OK. I'm done.  Had fun.  Spent a total of about 6 hours in the effort.  Lots of time switching rigs, finding connectors, hooking things up, etc.  Total of 35 states (CONUS) all 5W or less.  Highlight was a contact in VA with my Rockmite 20.  Low point was discovering my beloved HW-8 is not working (winter project I guess). Other rigs used with success MTR 2, 3 & 5 with 9V battery, SS40/NS40, SST 40, KX3 (5W), FT817ND.  Rigs used with no success Pixie, Cricket 80A, Ham Can and three different "Rex" rigs built at FDIM buildathons.  Naturally, the KX3 and FT-817ND were the work horses accounting for 80% of all contacts with the MTRs doing a great job too.  6BTV & 85 foot inverted L.  10M, 15M, 20M, 40M.  Good time!  72 all! Woody/WD9F

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