Re: Random Wire Tuning - Take 2


This interests me, although don't own a KX2.  My K1-4 has 15, 20, 30, and 40M.  It also has a KAT1 internal tuner.  I usually use a SOTA tuner to load a 34' wire in a tree with the internal tuner disabled.  No radials.  For 30M I clip in an additional 16 feet.  This scheme works very well.  As simple as SOTA tuner is, it is too bad an internal version for the K1 was never offered. 

I have been wanting an antenna requiring no devices external to the radio and using the internal tuner, looks like 50' with 29' counterpoise might work for 15, 20, and 40M.  My only concern is it isn't mentioned by Cebik, unless this is a "special case" for an inverted L.

I seem to recall the KAT1 manual suggesting a 51' element with a 1/4 wavelength counterpoise @ 40M or about 34 feet.  I also encountered suggestion for deploying a horizontal loop, which wouldn't require any counterpoise.  Of course a loop would be more of a pain to deploy than a single wire.  But, Cebik mentions them and I use a 40M FW loop on all bands effectively for the home station.

72, Curt KB5JO

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