Para-sets and books


Responding to a request to identify the Para-Sets, I have included the two identifying placards that I photographed along side of the Para-Sets in the Les Invallides Military Museum In Paris. They were displayed in a wing of the Museum devoted to the French Resistance. I only photographed two placards although there are 3 Para-Sets so, I am not sure which goes with which however, I believe the first is the Type A Mark III, the second unknown, (Note the knobs labeled “BFO” and Volume”), and the third is the Type 3 Mark II. The first and third appear to have similar built in keys and a place for the Crystal in the middle. I think that is a Crystal plugged into the middle of the first set. As a side note, if you ever get to Paris, Les Invallides (sp) is well worth a visit. You could literally spend days there.

73. Griff NE3I
Robert Alan Griffiths

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