Re: #BRUTUS Anyone think we'll go to Brutus this year? #BRUTUS


Boy John, you and your wife sure have your hands full right now.  Glad to hear you are fascinated with qrp.  I think our whole group can say that also. You take care of yourself and your wife. I hope to hear you are both doing fine soon.   72/73 Joe W0MQY 

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 8:05 PM John Nicholas <stnick@...> wrote:

Thanks for the heads up and info.  If it comes off, we could make a day trip out of it.  I’m not too concerned about get togethers.  I have good masks and the ability to stay 6 feet apart at many of these types of get togethers is not hard -  I just have to make a conscious effort.

I am 70 and survived a fall down some steps at home 3 weeks ago, just 6 broken ribs.  So my doctors say I am the immunocompromised member of the family now.  My wife finished radiation and chemo for Breast Cancer in early March.  So, instead of being cautious for her, we are cautious for me.

I spent 30 years in health care admin. and have a level of comfort in the recommended measures.  Besides most of amateur radio is social distancing anyway!    My doc, the cardiologist and the pulmonologist all say wear a mask, and stay out of crowds over 45.  Under 45 are OK as long as I maintain the 6 feet or leave,  They also say, my situation with decreased lung capacity does not warrant an exception to the mask order as issued by the Governor.

I am intrigued with the QRP part of amateur radio.  Not sure where I am going yet.  I got 5 QSO on Field day. 2 with 50 watts and 3 at 100.  Spending my down time thinking about antennas and how to improve what I have with minimal or no cost. Looking at squalo types right now.  I may try a 6 meter. play it off with my dipole.


> On Jul 6, 2020, at 5:16 PM, Charles W. Powell via <> wrote:
> I hadn't given it a lot of thought, but provided we didn't have a huge crowd, I think we could possibly do this safely.  Let me confer with my other infectious disease expert (XYL) and see what she says.  That also assumes the park is open.
> 73,
> Charles - NK8O
> On 7/6/20 4:45 PM, Ed Meyer, WG5F wrote:
>> Now that the 4th of July is behind us...  Anyone else thinking about Brutus Bash 2020?
>> 72,
>> -Ed, WG5F-

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