Re: #BRUTUS Anyone think we'll go to Brutus this year? #BRUTUS

John Nicholas



My call sign,  many of the emails I get show the zero as a lower case  letter O .

Still learning my way.  I got my Tech and General Ticket on March 14.  So I took my time to figure out my HF station.  I had an FT60 HT and have participated on the WARC and GSPARK Sunday night nets.  The HF was supposed to be up and running the day after I fell.  My wife cancelled my Elmer and  so my main antenna (parallel dipole) is not finished yet.  I did talk my S-I-L  how to put up a 6 meter and 10 meter dipole on our back fence.  I got field day credit for my 1st 5 QSO on 10 meters.  Just glad it was lively that day.  The WARC President KK0O  got over half of his contacts on 10 meters.

I’ve been subscribed since March to this list.  It has answered some questions, raised a few and sent me looking for answers to others.  Thanks for the info, and tips and keeping me on target.

John Nicholas  KE0ZUW
FCC Licensed General Class Operator
Grid Square EM17im

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