SSS Results for July

John Lonigro

We had 10 participants in this month's Second Sunday Sprint.  The winner for the month was John, K4BAI, with 18 QSO points, followed closely by Chas, W2SH, with 15. There were two new participants this month, Marshall, K1SN, from Virginia Beach, VA and Dick, AB0CD. from Denver, CO.  Welcome to Marshall and Dick.  Hope you two can participate regularly in the SSS.  The more the merrier.

For the year, Chas, W2SH, is still in the lead with 112 points, followed by John, K4BAI, with 93 and Glenn, N4MJ, with 66.  Nick, WB5BKL, missed the contest this month and slipped to fourth place behind Glenn by a few points.

Congratulations to John, K4BAI.  He will receive his July certificate shortly.


John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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