Re: Original Tenna Dipper -- help


Chapter Two:  One step forward and one step back
The PIC wasn't to blame for the silence. I put a scope on the output from the 74HC00 (pin 3) to the speaker.  Pressing and holding the program button produced a stream of 
raggedy but lovely square waves (amplitude ~2-3Vpp).  Clearly the PIC was sending Morse as it was supposed to.
The problem had to be a faulty speaker. I removed it and temporarily put an LED in its place. It clearly flashed Morse. Then I connected a different speaker.  It worked fine, and I thought I had the problem solved.
But no.  On power up, the chip sends "V2".  Oops, that's not the right ID.  According to a note that came with the kit, it indicates the PIC was one of an early batch that were 
incorrectly programmed.
So I'm back where I started, still needing a correctly programmed PIC, or alternatively, the code.
Thanks for reading.

Jerry AA6KI

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