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Terry and Bert both bought new scopes at Dayton last year, I can't remember the brand, but they will sing dance and take names almost!!
Hopefully they will chime in on the subject!

On Friday, June 7, 2013, Dan Reynolds wrote:

I am thinking very hard about upgrading my oscilloscope. 
I have an Iwatsu 60 MHz, 4 channel that I purchased off eBay. It works fine. I got some 'Chinese' probes off eBay as well and they work great. 

So why do I want to upgrade?
Well, partly because I'm not really that good with an o'scope. Seems strange to upgrade right? Well the newer DSO scopes with LCD screens are super smart. Some will 'autorange' for you and not only that - the most important thing is they tell you the frequency and voltage of the signals you're looking at.

Ham radio is my hobby, not my livelihood and I do enjoy learning all I can - to a point. When it becomes work I'm not quite as interested. The flip side is an o'scope is one of the most handy tools you can have.

Which is why I'm at this crossroads. 
Seems to me a DSO (a cheaper DSO, one of the Chinese models) will actually help me learn more and let me enjoy my building more. My number one ham activity is building.

This is the one I'm considering: 
Warning - this is an eBay ad... 
I don't expect this to be a Tektronix. I don't expect it to be perfect. I've seen some reviews of their other products and most seem to like their stuff (Hantek). I think my main concerns are bandwidth and samples per second. Well and cost of course! Another thing, this particular seller has a 99.9% positive rating. I'm assuming if they sold junk it would catch up with them. And I've been watching this thing for months. I've read the blogs, EEV, forums, eHam, etc. I know that the Chinese DSO's are the hot ticket now for engineers. But I'm not an engineer, I'm a hobbyist.

You don't have to talk me into one, I've pretty much accomplished that. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this same thought pattern and has purchased one and it has helped you. Or what do you think?

Dan -- KB9JLO

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