SSS Results for August

John Lonigro

We had 11 participants in the August SSS, which happens to be the average number of participants for 2020 (so far).  The winner for the month was Carl, WB0CFF with 23 QSO points, followed by Nick, WB5BKL with 15 and Gary, KF7WNS with 14.  It was nice to see that John, AL7JK, way up in Alaska, was able to join in the fun this month, at least a little.  Carl will get his August certificate shortly.

For the year, Chas, W2SH still leads the pack with 118 QSO points. He leads John, K4BAI by a mere 12 points, so the winner for 2020 is still very much up in the air with 4 more contests to go.  I guess Chas has demonstrated once again that nothing beats a good antenna. Sorry to hear your antenna was blown down by Tropical Storm Isiais. I suspect you'll have it put up again by September, if not sooner.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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