Re: Wanted to buy - Unbuilt QRPometer kit

AG1P Ron

Dave Cripe NM0S is selling them here -

72 - Ron - AG1P


From: [] On Behalf Of Jim Sheldon
Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2020 7:15 PM
Subject: [4SQRP] Wanted to buy - Unbuilt QRPometer kit


Anyone in the group (US hams) have an unbuilt QRPometer kit they would sell?  Green board if possible?  Please let me know price if you .  Prefer to pay via Paypal.


Reason for wanting an unbuilt one - I do 3D printing and I'd like to be able to really closely refine the dimensions for the 4 corner screw holes and the exact size of the panels themselves.  I need this to help with refining the design of a 3D printed case for the QRPometer that I did earlier with the loan of a completed QRPometer from Larry Hastings, AB0AH.  His had the black PC board and I’d like to use the green board version to make sure the final case design will fit and look good on both versions.


Email me with any details please tow0eb (at) cox dot net so as not to clutter up the reflector


Thanks — W0EB

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