Re: IARU Region 2 Seeks Input on HF Band Plan

Scotty Long <nu0s@...>

I put my two cents in for what it's worth in a brief e mail. I have lost faith in the government doing the right thing.


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Don AE5K wrote:


On 02/19/2013 07:18 AM, KU4GW Cliff wrote:
> The
> ARRL is seeking input to proposed band plan changes in the upcoming IARU
> convention in Mexico. Everyone needs to read the proposed changes, and
> voice any support or opposition as you see fit. The proposals can be
> seen here:
> d-plan
> Region
> 2 hams, especially CW and digital mode operators better be for
> submitting any comments quickly to oppose putting our 40 meter bandplan
> in step with either ITU region 1 or 3! There is a March 1st deadline for
> submitting comments! I have already submitted mine in opposition. Submit
> them ASAP to bandplan2013@...
> Other member nations of ITU Region 2
> can get the contact info for their ITU go to person at
>">color="#9136ad">size="4"> > a>face="Arial, sans-serif">There is one change that
> concerns me deeply. Currently, 40M narrow band modes are used from 7,000
> KHz to 7,125 KHz. The proposal is to cut this down to a 40 KHz section
> from 7,000 KHz to 7,040 KHz. Please get involved by voicing your
> opinion! Please share this information with all your amateur radio
> friends ASAP! Very 73 de KU4GW

Hi Cliff,

Just what are your reasons for objection to the proposed band plan?

Don AE5K

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