Ozark Patrol Audio Transformer and Jack

Dale Hardin

I am working on a troubled Ozark Patrol.  I checked the voltages per the manual and found that the Collector (can) Q3 was 5.72v.  I ohmed out the audio transformer and the marked Primary side was 278.5 ohms and the secondary side was 1.8 ohms.  I reversed the transformer and got  9.25v (battery voltage nearly) at the can of Q3.  Could it be that the "P" was on the wrong side of the transformer?  The rig is still nearly deaf after the change.  I think there may be an issue with the wiring between the transformer-jack- and speaker.  Anyone had a problem with the jack wiring?  I plan to add an amplifier to increase the volume.  The rig has other issues, but I want to resolve this one first.

Dale Hardin, KS4NS
Elberta, AL

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