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Nice to know about the 7100-7125 segment. Kind of where I will wind up when I get back on.  Someday.


On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 7:25 PM Leland L. Bahr <w5drc@...> wrote:
I  might add, there are a number of Novice Boat Anchor transmitter
collectors that operate on 7100-7125.  Many of these guys are primarily
restorers of older tube transmitters and receivers.  Many restore and
operate old tube type Novice transmitters.  They are for the most part
older hams reliving their youth using old gear.  CW is not their primary
interest.  So these guys, for the most part, are not "CW speed demons"
and they feel more relaxed operating between 7100-7125.  It's more like
operating on an old Novice Band without all the clutter.  Any new ham
interested in CW would most likely enjoy this part of 40 meters when
first getting started with CW.

Lee, w0vt

On 8/21/2020 6:51 PM, Leland L. Bahr wrote:
> I received my two new Hilltopper kits today from the new batch just
> released!  Thanks 4SQRP for your efforts.   (I plan to convert the new
> 40 meter kit to 30 meters as I already own a 40 and 20 meter
> Hilltopper.  If possible, I'd like to turn the 20 meter kit into a 17
> or 15 meter transceiver.)  This is a nice kit.  If you missed out on
> prior Hilltopper offerings, you might consider purchasing one now
> while they are again available.
> (True 5 watts without insane voltage applied to the radio, keyer,
> single conversion receiver, covers the entire band so for 40 meters
> you not only have the lower cw frequencies but the often used
> 7100-7125 khz portion of the band not available on some kits.  (I like
> the 7100-7125 portion of the band.)  On receive it draws only 70 ma
> and the rig has reverse voltage protection.  The two SMT parts are
> preinstalled on the board.  The three BS-170 transistors, in the
> final, are inexpensive to replace if ever needed.  You also get a case
> for the radio.  The parts are well laid out with individual packages
> as you build up the transceiver.  Each bag is marked for each of the
> build steps.  The parts count is not excessive either in this kit.  I
> also noticed, unlike in the earlier offering, the case for this
> offering no longer states the case is for 40 meters or 20 meters.  It
> just says "Hilltopper".  (Great news for me as I plan to use the
> radios on other bands then 20 and 40 meters.)  Although this kit is
> not considered a beginners project,  I suspect more first time
> builders  will have success building this kit then many other I have
> seen.  The manual is superb.  My only wish is I would have liked the
> keyer to be a memory keyer.  That means I'll be using an outboard
> keyer with this transceiver.
> Lee, w0vt, w5drc

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