Re: Ozark Patrol Audio Transformer and Jack

Dale Hardin

OK, got the little amp installed and working.  After replacing all the transistors, I hooked up my signal injector to the antenna end and got a tone out of the speaker.  However, I do not have any regeneration, so I hooked it up to my antenna.  Still no joy.  Absolotutely no regeneration.  I have the batteries out being recharged so I can get some voltage measurements.  I would appreciate it if one of you more knowedgable members would give me a list of tests to carry out to see what the problem is.  BTW, I removed, checked for good, and replaced the coil, so I'm comfortable it is ok.  The voltage changes on the regen pot when turned, so the pot is ok.  Where do I start looking now?  Dale
Dale Hardin, KS4NS
Elberta, AL

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