Re: Ozark Patrol Audio Transformer and Jack

Dale Hardin KS4NS

Jerry, thanks for the hint.  I gave the 2n2222 a try and now get signals.  A big step closer to finishing.  Now, I am going to rebuild the regeneration coil per Dave Cripe's suggestion.  I think that may help some because the regeneration is screwy.  I am listening to 80m hams at the moment.  No matter where I place the regeneration control, I get no change in volume.  It is as if regeneration is not needed.  There is no regeneration point on the dial at all.  Could it be this quiet?  My only other experience is with the Ocean Hopper.  You could tell when you reached "the point".   Any suggestions anyone?  Thanks, Dale KS4NS

On Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 1:35 PM Jerome Wysocki <jeromewysocki48@...> wrote:
I found that a generic 2N2222 worked identically well to the Q1 transistor originally in this receiver. Try that, if you have one handy.
On a slightly different related topic, has anyone ever tried substitution of an FET (such as an MPF-102, or equivalent type) for Q1 in this radio? If so, how was it wired, and how well did it work?

... Jerry Wysocki, KC8JXE

Dale Hardin
Elberta, AL 

Dale Hardin, KS4NS
Elberta, AL

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