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Bruce KS4V

Welcome to the group Jim. It is a fun kit to build and if you take you time, you will have a fun radio to play with. To answer your questions:

J5 is for programming the ATmega328 and for I/O if you add the CAT control code, and J6 is for display, if you care to add it.

Bruce KS4V

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Subject: [4SQRP] Membership in Hilltopper40 Subgroup

Dear 4 States QRP & Jim Pruitt"

Thank you for your prompt fulfillment of my order for a
Hilltopper40 QRP kit: I am a former shipboard radio operator went went
to sea in the late 1960s and into the early 1980s before the same
technology that put us on ships in 1912 took us off in 1990. I received
my my novice amateur radio license in 1956 (KN2UEJ) and my Extra in
November, 1968 with the call W1DH, which I lost earlier this year for
failure to renew: Fortunately, I had taken a lifetime membership in the
ARRL in the mid-1950s when the fee was $200 (now it's $1500 and such not
a good-deal for a 78-year-old): ARRL hooked me up with three volunteer
examiners who re-tested me in March in a heated garage at the beginning
of the pandemic and received my Extra Class ticket as AC1JI which was
later changed to NV1F.

I half-way built a Pixie QRP kit until I mixed up the transistors
in the end, but I have definitely regained much of my soldering skills,
at least for a 78-year-old whose hands are surprisingly steady and
vision acute enough to see everything close up clearly in good light.

Bottom line: Can you process my registration for to
enable me to register in the HilltopperKit subgroup, as referenced at
page 6 of the 16 April 2020 manual? I would particularly like to know
the meaning of the sentence in RED ink stating" "Please note that the J5
and J6 header strip are not proved int this kit." It further states in
black ink: "See the 'Files' section of the subgroup for more information."

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated, as would like my kit
build of the Hilltopper40 to work after completion.

Yours very truly, /s/ John L. Giulietti, NV1F.

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