Dan Reynolds

Thanks for all the information from all of you. I do appreciate it. And I got a lot of positives on the reason to want a DSO.

I've pretty much settled on a Hantek DSO5072P DSO. It is a 70MHz bandwidth, 1Gs, 2CH. It has a 7" color screen (WVGA 800x480). I've been corresponding with a guy on EEVBlog who has modified the "family" of scopes that the main boards come from to the 200 MHz model. And figured out how to modify the input circuits to allow the best performance up to 200 MHz.
Not sure that I'll do that but it is an option if I want it to work for some 2 Meter work...

I chose the Hantek primarily for the price but I do like it's UI and the screen layouts. Many have said that the build quality on the Hantek's is chintzy and toy-like but I don't care about that. The same basic board is used in two or three different MFRs DSOs. The main difference is the amount of memory depth it has. Which also doesn't matter that much to me. After all I'm replacing an analog scope. Any memory depth will be better than what I have!

Thanks again guys.
Dan - KB9JLO

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