Re: K0B

Jeff Logullo N0̸MII

Chas - in case of QRM at 7122, do you plan to slide down from there a bit, or will you QSY to 7060-ish?

Spotting yourself on We can do the same if/when we hear/work you....

Jeff N0̸MII

On Sep 11, 2020, at 5:21 PM, Charles W. Powell via <> wrote:

K0B, the Four State QRP special event station, will be on the air again, weather permitting, starting at 2300 UTC (2020-09-11). 1 hour on 20 meters at 14060 and then at 0000 UTC 40 meters on 7122. QTH is MN, op NK8O


Chas - NK8O
Jeff N0̷MII

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