Keying interface for PC

Jim, N5IB

A few days ago I was reading Terry's (WA0ITP) description of a keying interface he made in order to use N3FJP contest and general logging software to send CW . His interface connected to a PC's printer port.

With the demise of real serial ports and printer port on laptops, I decided to make an interface using a USB to serial adapter module that I had on hand. As long as it brought out the needed modem control lines (RTS in this case) it ought to work. I made a quick toner transfer PC board, and exercised my recently acquired 3D printer to make an enclosure.

Attached is a PDF document of the project. It works fine - and just in time to get ready for November Sweepstakes.
Additional support information can be found at <>

Jim, N5IB

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