US supplied Vietnam Village VHF handheld QRP radios....

Jerry Brown


Recollections after a visit to the Fair Radio website today!

From my time living in El Paso, TX (Ft Bliss); I was active duty and training in internal medicine at the Army hospital there.

Hams friends there got their first solar powered repeater up and 7,200 feet+,  on North Mt Franklin!
A Texas Air National Guard Chinook took the concrete enclosure for the repeater to the peak for them.

Check out the QST (cover) article on this repeater written by Roy Gould, N5RG,  that
was published in Jan 78 QST (you may have to be an ARRL member to get this article).....

The village VHF radios my roommate Steve Guerra WB5LCN  used for building the repeater RX/TX modules 
are now being sold at Fair Radio. The Hallicrafters plant in El Paso that made these radios closed in 1974.

Jerry N4EO, ex-WA4GKO, ex-YI9EO, ex-HL9EO
Ret'd US Army

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