Re: Thanks to the 4s sprint participants

Phil Anderson

Hey 4s sprinters!

I have to second that Johnny, I only made 15 contacts but it was fun. One more sprint and I'll have a 2nd W25 depending upon the contacts.
Everybody have a good week. 72, Uncle Phil in KS. Gave my new Bengali paddle a trial tonite! Got to admit that I like the little "bugger" that I bought directly from Mr. Bengali himself at the Dayton hamfest just three weeks ago.

72 to all. Uncle Phil, W0XI

Hey! Try copying CW with a coherer some time.....I'm dinking with one, hi.

Johnny Matlock wrote:

It was COOL thanks Walter and the Group!
I had a blast!
Johnny AC0BQ

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 8:54 PM, Walter - K5EST > wrote:


    WOW, BIG storm with ligh tning over the QTH shut me down
    from the 4s Sprint!

    Many thanks to the stations that jumped in and made the
    first 4s 2nd Sunday Sprint a success.

    The bands could have been a little better, but one thing
    about QRPers, we communicate!

    Will get the results posted on the 4S reflector as soon as

    72....Walter - K5EST

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