How do I get to the 4sqrp Store?


I bought the little QRP antenna tuner kit from the 4sqrp Store, and wanted to go back to the store and see what other goodies they have to offer, but when I look at the list of things on the left side of my screen (from Home, Chats, Photos, etc. down to Wiki (whatever that is) at the bottom, a was thoroughly confused that the Store is not listed.  Is that to keep the store private so non-members can't go there...OK, then, how do members get to the store?

I do not recall how I got to the store when I bought the tuner, and did not think to bookmark the address, so that' why I am asking for help now.

EuGene Smith, KA5NLY/QRP

P.S.  Moderator, please consider add ing the 4sqrp Store to the list of options on the left of the screen to help us dummies go shopping there.

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