Re: 40 and 80 meter nets

Dave Redfearn


Delta took out my 80 Meter inverted vee and twisted the 40 Meter loaded dipole around a bit on the mast with the tribander.
I'm still not really able to climb much yet, so I used a 30 ft Jacktite pole to push a fishing line through the tower.
Then pulled a rope & pully up 30 feet and used that to pull up a 80/40/30 double dipole that is part of my go-kit.
That's the antenna I was using tonight and was getting concerned when I was not hearing the net on 40 Meters but you and Bert were very strong on 80 tonight.
I think I also heard N4KV.
The rig tonight was a MTR4B running about 3 watts to the temporary antenna.

73 - Dave, N4ELM  

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