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Carl Gansen

On Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 03:39 PM, Michael McEwen wrote:
Hello all...please suggest some Web sites where I can find "getting started" info to this mode which is totally new mode.
72/73 Doc K5OSA 

Hello Doc,

Hello Doc,

You are on the right track already.  The 4 States gang is very good about slowing down to help newcomers to CW.
Try joining in to the activities that they offer and don't worry about the speed.

Another group that is very good at accomodating operators of various skill levels is the Straight Key Century Club.  They have a lot of activities to participate in and the operators are of a wide range
of experience and operating speeds.  Learn how to send "QRS pse" so that if an operator is too fast you can easily ask
them to send slower.  The most basic SKCC QSOs are generally RST QTH NAME SKCC_Number.  For instance, I'd
send "599 MN CARL 1883T".  These basic QSOs are nice in their predictability of the pattern and offer a mix of numbers
and letters.  You can anticipate that pattern more often than not.  It makes it easier for guys returning to CW or those that
are new.

The ARRL CW code practice is also good.  They send at various speeds.  I have had luck with recording it and then
repeatedly trying to copy as much as possible.  Each time through you can pick up more..  It takes time but it can feel
very rewarding.

Another method is to arrange a scheduled contact with somebody willing to work with you on the air.  You might try emailing
club members to see if you can arrange a compatable schedule to meet on the air.  With email as a backup, you can contact them
during a QSO in case you get lost.

Both the 4 States and SKCC have a SPOTTIN option.  You can spot yourself and in the comment station say that you are looking
for slow speed practice.  It is a bit hit or miss that way but I have known people that had success doing so.

72/73 ( = 0.98630136986301369863013698630137 ?)
Carl WB0CFF 


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