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Kent Trimble, K9ZTV

Terry . . .

1)  The cut number for zero is a T.  It should never be used in a call sign.  It has relevance in CW contests and occasionally in QSOs but, in my opinion, all cut numbers should be used sparingly.

2)  You have hit upon a universal error.  What you hear on the air for a hyphen (dash) is dah-di-di-di-dah.  That is incorrect because, as you rightly state, it is actually an equals sign.  The correct prosign for a hyphen (dash) is dah-di-di-di-di-dah which no one knows or uses except a few old timers who teach Morse Code classes.


Kent  K9ZTV


On 10/24/2020 10:50 AM, Terry S. Clevenger via wrote:
Just getting active on-air and have questions:
1) I've heard that 'T' can be used in place of the number 0; is this true? Thats part of my calls and want to be sure.

2) I hear the code for the '=' sign (-...-) fairly often and wonder if it's also used for something else? It seems odd I'd hear it so much.

Thanks. Good to be getting involved. 

Terry Clevenger


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