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* On 2020 24 Oct 10:53 -0500, Terry S. Clevenger via wrote:
Just getting active on-air and have questions:1) I've heard that 'T'
can be used in place of the number 0; is this true? Thats part of my
calls and want to be sure.
As others have noted, cut numbers should only be used where others might
expect them but never in a callsign as my call is N0NB not NTNB.

In certain contests with serial numbers and some other exchanged
information where that part of the exchange is numeric, cut numbers are
often employed. This would include the replacement of 9 in 599 with N
as in 5NN. That is quite common.

T as a replacement for 0 is more rare. There may be an event where a
serial number must be a minimum of three digits or it is customary to
send three digits as a minimum. In the case where the serial number
must start with 1, sending TT1 is much shorter than 001, for example.
But note that use of T here is rather unambiguous. Some ops might send
100 as 1TT, for example.

2) I hear the code for the '=' sign (-...-) fairly often and wonder if
it's also used for something else? It seems odd I'd hear it so much.
It is often written as the combination of BT with an overstruck line as
aforementioned. It is also the = sign as punctuation. See:,_numbers,_punctuation,_prosigns_for_Morse_code_and_non-English_variants

It's usage is to separate thoughts instead of using proper punctuation.
It is arguable if it really is that much shorter than a period by one
dah or a comma which has one less dit and one more dah. I suppose that
if handling many messages that time added up. Of course in messages
all three are replaced by X!

72, Nate


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