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Vladimir Ivkovic

Hi Terry,

1. code for T is usually used by some hams, to replace number 0, in:
    -  normal QSOs, when stating TX wattage,
    -  in contest qsos, in numbering ongoing qso

   DO NOT USE IT to replace 0, in your callsign. It is considered all sending illegal callsign, and as such, it represents violation of Your ham license.

2. What u hear, is not sign for =. Its code for BT , 'Back to You'. Its used when u have short qso. It can be used once or twice, in short period up to 2-5 minutes. If QSO is longer, You have to use proper,  full callsign correspondence, at the beggining, and at the end of Your sending period.

73 Vlado 9a5mpv

On Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 5:50 PM Terry S. Clevenger via <> wrote:
Just getting active on-air and have questions:
1) I've heard that 'T' can be used in place of the number 0; is this true? Thats part of my calls and want to be sure.

2) I hear the code for the '=' sign (-...-) fairly often and wonder if it's also used for something else? It seems odd I'd hear it so much.

Thanks. Good to be getting involved. 

Terry Clevenger

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