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Charles W. Powell


With your call, you are obligated to send the zero correctly.  If you are in a contest sending serial numbers, you can send "T" as zero, but not in your call sign.  Interesting that you *must* send your call in international Morse code, but for example, if you know landline code, you can carry on the rest of your conversation quite legally in landline Morse, provided the other station can copy and send it.  The call sign is a different matter.

The "=" is used typically in conversation instead of a period at the end of a thought.  I rarely send a "period" when I am on the air unless I am sending a URL.  Even the message handlers use letter "x" instead of a period.  You will also hear "=" when someone is thinking.  You might hear two or three consecutively while someone gathers their thoughts.  As an alternative you might hear the single dash ( _...._ ). 


Chas - NK8O

On 10/24/20 10:50 AM, Terry S. Clevenger via wrote:
Just getting active on-air and have questions:
1) I've heard that 'T' can be used in place of the number 0; is this true? Thats part of my calls and want to be sure.

2) I hear the code for the '=' sign (-...-) fairly often and wonder if it's also used for something else? It seems odd I'd hear it so much.

Thanks. Good to be getting involved. 

Terry Clevenger

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