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There's a very interesting museum dedicated to Volta in Como, Italy - on the shore of the lake. You can see many of the materials he used in his experiments and information about his life. Since there aren't many visitors to this museum, the staff have plenty of time to answer questions and are very helpful. I posted a few photos in the Group photos section.

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Everyone knows it's President's Day, but did you know it's also Battery Day?

Today is Alessandro Volta's birthday. He was born on this day in 1745 and is credited with the first electrochemical battery for producing DC back in 1800. The 'Voltaic Pile' was a battery consisting of alternating disks of silver and zinc separated by cardboard soaked in sulfuric acid. The invention led to moving away from 'static' electricity which had dominated electrical research for decades. Much of the chemical research of the 19th century was for the improvement of battery technology, especially after the invention of the telegraph which depended on it.

The term "battery" was coined by Benjamin Franklin about 50 years before the voltaic pile when he likened a group of Leyden Jars (early capacitors) to a 'battery' of cannons.

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