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No 4SS stations heard on 80m, 40m, nor 20m.  Sweepstakes seems to have everyone (4S) taking break. Lots of QRN from the major solar flare on lower bands, too.  That doesn't help QRP stations.

C;Ya next month.

73 de n4mj//glenn

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Hi Johnny,

TU for the 40m QSO.  Got two other members and that was it.  80m useless with the Sweepstakes going on and that's all that I hear; ditto for 40m down around 7.040 mhz.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH

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Any body going to 80 Meters? 

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4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint

Sunday, 8 November 2020
19:00 to 21:00
(GMT-06:00) America/Chicago

John Lonigro

4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint. See for details.

Charles Moizeau, W2SH

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